Thursday, September 10, 2015

About Our Tours

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Haunted History Tours of 25th street

The real History, the real hauntings.

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ We cannot guarantee a paranormal  experience.   Ghosts don't show up just because we want them to.


                                  It's spring 2017

                                 Spring Scream 

We've been working hard all winter to bring you fun, exciting tours you can take at your convenience.

We still offer the tried and true Haunted History Tour with a knowledgeable tour guide, 

But starting in March 1st 2017, you can experience the tours at your pace, your time, and your day.


 Ogden's TOUR Adventures.

Haunted or Not

Tour Adventures are like Geo-Cashing,
a History Scavenger Hunt, sort of like 'The Amazing Race'.
An interactive, informative, game tour, you play for points, race against your friends and earn prizes .

Try these for free:

Haunted History Preview

Or Filmed in Utah trivia game part 1

Our new amazing tours include:

Haunted 25th street History

History by the Glass: a tour about the bars in down town Ogden. Go in have a drink and solve the puzzle.

Restaurant Shuffle 21 and older:

Restaurant Shuffle under 21:

Cemetery Headstone Hunt: No trespassing at night.

This adventure is only aloud before dusk. You must log in to play 90 minutes before dusk.

The Madams and Mayhem of two bit street:

KSL investigative segment about Ogden Tunnels.  investigation News segment"Utah's History Mystery". Click here  

This just happened at a location on 25th street. 

October 8th, 2016

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Ghost HuntsWant to experience Ghosts up close and personal? Join us on the hunt.

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To see what happens on our ghost hunts   Click hereOur investigation page has links to each ghost hunt we have done.   EVP and things that happened are listed here.  Click here for investigation page.


What happens on our tours ?



Death At The Station, 
history like you've never read before.