What Happens?

Haunted History Tour 

Making Scents Emporium  290 25th street Ogden

 October 28th, 2016

 October 27th, 2016.

Notice the ball is not in its usual spot.  The top has moved as well.  It is now between two darker spots on the floor, closer to the jump rope.
There is also something new, a rock was thrown from behind the big rock.  It bounced off a guests chair and landed a few inches away from the top.

The pencil points to where Larry is suppose to look for something. It is farther away from the rock than it was before and the pencil lead is broke off.

October 8, 2016

This was a cool night.  

The rope is together, like some one picked it up and put the handles together then laid it back on the floor.  The marbles are spread out more and there is now a top.  You can see it in the bottom of the picture. 

The spirits moved the ball.   Larry places down in the same spot every time.  If the floor was not level it would roll every time.  

If you use headphones or turn your speakers up loud at the  mark 1:00  you will hear a voice.  What do you think it say.  


March 16, 2016
2nd investigation 

Marbles are in a circle shape. One handle is on the wet spot, the rope is straight.  The other handle is in the same direction.  The jump rope is looped by it, part of the loop is up in the air.  The ball is on the edge of it's circle.
The ball is on the outside of the jump rope.

March 5th, 2016  1st investigation 

March 5th, 2016  This was during our investigation.
The little ball is almost out of it's little circle. The Loop by the handle has been twisted again and is vertical to the floor.
The other handle is just barely on the wet looking spot and the rope it is attached to is straight. The marbles are in an oval shape.

October 31, 2015

The marbles are spread out in a kidney shape. The ball is in it's circle.  The handles are pointed in different directions.  One little loop at the top of the configuration.


5 days later the green ribbon is straightened out in the picture above.  The pink ribbon

The next week. I brought some ribbon and put on the floor. 

The ribbons you see in the pictures above were set on the floor.  You notice the green ribbon is straightened out in the second picture.

A Psychic came into the store and told Larry the Spirits don't like the ribbons on the ground.  They want them up on a pole so they can wrap them around like a may pole.
So I duct Taped them to a metal pole.   If you watch the ribbons they will move on their own.  No one walked by (that you see), no air goes through that basement.

 Friday, September 18, 2015

First Haunted History Tour of the season.
The tour was able to go into Making Scents Emporium on 25th street.  Larry Baird took us down in the basement. How ever when we got to the door that leads to the basement it was blocked from the other side. Something had pushed some heavy objects against the door so it would not open. There is no entry or exit from that basement. Something did not want us to go down into the basement. LARRY  pushed the door  as hard as he could, it opened enough for him to squeeze through and move the  objects out of the way and we were able to continue to the basement.

March 16, 2016

March 5th, 2016

March 5th, 2016    from a different angle. 
The little ball is almost out of it's little circle. The Loop by the handle has been twisted again and is vertical to the floor.
The other handle is just barely on the wet looking spot and the rope it is attached to is straight. 

Oct. 31, 2015
The one wooden handle is just a bit on the wet looking spot.   The little ball is centered in the little circle.
Marbles are spread in an oval.  

Oct. 8 2016

October 27th, 2016     not much change except the little ball had moved out of its spot

A paranormal investigation group was there one night with a K11 meter.
Looks like K-II EMF Meter for Ghost Huntingthis.   The colored lights light up if there is energy near it.
Larry played a nice game of  "put your right foot in, put your right foot out. . . " 
With a girl named Sarah.

At Halloween time.  Larry set up a projector on the ceiling in the main part of the store.  It showed images of scary things, ghosts dancing etc.   The spirits were afraid of the images and by the end of halloween they had figured out how to turn the projector off.   We would leave the room and go down stairs, we would come back up and the projector was off. 

Making Scents was originally down the street in the 100 block.  Larry had no activity there that he noticed.  The first day they were cleaning at the new location they had activity.

Larry wanted to participate in the First Friday Art Stroll in November, I believe, he had just moved in in October.  He arranged to have one of the artists on 25th street, at Pandemonium art gallery,
Bring some paintings up to his store.  The artist sent a friend and the friends mom up to set them up.
The paintings were set up, one was by the clock on the wall by the front door.  That painting lifted itself up off the wall and ripped in the middle.  The clock lifted off the wall and was put on the floor.

A psychic came in the next day and told Larry the spirits didn't like any of the paintings and if they were not taken down the same thing was going to happen again. 

There are many spirits in the basement, objects move, shadows are seen. A picture of a grandma, a mom and a child were captured previously in this basement.
Want to experience the spirits of 25th street?
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