6 pm Haunted History Tour

6 pm Haunted History Walking Tour

                                        25th street and beyond

Haunting don't stop just because Halloween is over So neither do we. TOURS are nightly through December

December tours are lead by Mrs. Santa Claus. OCCASIONALLY Santa will show up as well.

***** I cannot guarantee a paranormal  experience,  nor can i guarantee that we can go into  businesses. Ghosts don't show up just because we want them to and businesses are either closed for the day or are busy with customers.

For close up and personal paranormal experience check out our Ghost hunt 101  page.

Some of the places we talk about.

Electric Alley, Browning Bothers Building, Keisel building, Berthana building,  First Masonic Temple building, city and county building.

Some amazing history. Madams, Murders, Mayhem. This is the real history. The history they don't tell you in school. We hear about it all.

We learn the history and the hauntings

then we move on to another location.

Several of the buildings are listed as the top most haunted buildings in Ogden.

Monday November 14 . 6:00 pm

Tuesday November 15 . 6:00 pm

Wednesday November 16 6:00 pm

Thursday November 17 6:00 pm

Friday November 18 6:00 pm & Ghost Hunt

Saturday November 19 6:00 pm & Ghost Hunt

Monday November 21 6:00 pm

Tuesday November 22 6:00 pm

Friday November 25 6:00 pm

Saturday November 26 6:00pm

The Reed hotel. Predecessor to the Ben Lomond Hotel

featured on a KSL  investigation News segment "Utah's History Mystery".

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