Family Special

This week Oct. 19-21st special discount
Haunted History or just history

Family discount

2 adults and up to 3 children  $50
3 adults and up to 3 children  $60
4 adults and up to 3 children  $70
Additional Adults $12.50  each.
Additional tickets under 18 years old. $10 each

Dates for tours  (subject to change)
Wednesday Oct. 19th   6 pm Family Discount

Thursday   Oct.  20th   6 pm Family Discount

Friday         Oct. 21st    6 pm Family Discount

Hauntings don't stop just because Halloween is over
So neither do we.

Tuesday      Nov.   1st   6 pm Family Discount  

Wednesday Nov. 2nd  6 pm Family Discount  

Thursday    Nov. 3rd   6 pm Family Discount  

Monday       Nov. 6th    6 pm Family Discount  

Tuesday       Nov. 7th    6 pm Family Discount  

Wednesday  Nov. 8th    6 pm Family Discount  

Thursday     Nov. 9th     6 pm Family Discount  

Monday        Nov. 12       6pm family discount

Tuesday        Nov.  13     6pm family discount

Wednesday   Nov.  14     6pm family discount

Thursday      Nov.  15     6pm family discount

Mon. - Thurs. Family discount
Date Desired
Phone number

Wednesday - Friday 6pm Discount BOGO

Number of tickets
date desired
Phone Number please

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