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Robin,  was born in Ogden a 5th generation  Ogdenite. She calls herself a Para-historian, That is a person that researches history to connect with paranormal activity.
Over 15 years experience as a paranormal investigator.
She has been involved with the tours at Union Station for 5 years.
A member of the Utah Historic Society and the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.

Her IMDB PAGE click here.

She is currently writing a book on the deaths at Union Station.
 "Death At The Station" You can take a sneak peek by.        clicking here 

I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a child.  The Ghost and Mr. Chicken was my favorite movie, my favorite author is Stephen King.
Both of my Grandmother's were visited by family members that were on the other side.
I started working at a haunted theater when I was 14.  I really didn't know it was haunted until after I was married, never really paid much attention to it until my daughter started noticing things there.
 We went to a program put on by a paranormal group and they showed some video  and audio evidence  and we asked them to come investigate this theatre. Shortly after that they asked me to be a member of their group and that is when I became obsessed with it.  That was about 15 years ago.
I was brought up knowing there was life after death so I was always a believer.  That made me different from the others in my group.  They were skeptics, they knew there was something there but hadn't quite made the connection that their experiences were people that had passed on.   They felt like it was some energy or power but  they didn't know where it was from.
Until we met Lydia.  Lydia is a 19 year old girl spirit that was haunting a house in Ogden.
The person renting this house came to Union Station's Night at the Museum tour.  She told us she had seen several spirits in her house and wondered if we would investigate.
That is where I got the bug for researching the history. I became a Para-Historian.
Someone called it a ‘para-historian’  Researches  history to coincide with the paranormal activity.  It doesn't always work, in fact it has only worked for me maybe 2 times.
Through several events that were like an episode of the twilight zone,
we were able to find out everything about Lydia.  
Where and when she was born.  Where and when she died and what happened to her in between.
That investigation disproved several theories that most ghost hunters believed. It also changed the way I look at paranormal activity and what we labeled it.
After you investigate at a certain location several times, you can become friends with spirits there and then it is no longer a haunting is it?  I don’t think so,  But that is just my opinion.

I’ve been doing tours for about 10 years.  I helped with the ones at Union Station’s night at the museum for about 5 or 6 years.  Then I started Haunted Ogden and the haunted history tours down 25th street. This is my 3rd year leading the tours.    I enjoyed telling people about the history of that notorious street as well as telling them about the spirits on the street.  Human spirits not drinking spirits, although most of the bars and restaurants down 25th an up on Washington are haunted.

Everyone asks about the tunnels That are rumored to be under 25th street.  They are there, I won’t take people down there because I don’t like spider webs and creepy crawly things and dust bothers me. I do know someone who is doing investigations down there.

Ghosts are a topic that people always thought was evil.  Don’t talk about it, don’t look for them etc.
My dad told me to just leave the dead alone.  So I think it has been a general interest because it was something we were not suppose to do.  Like being on 25th street.  I was always told don’t go down there.  When I was a kid it was dangerous to go to 25th street.  Now it is a fun safe place to hang out.
The Ghost Hunter tv shows have made it more acceptable to talk about and to do.  
Something I never have understood is people will tell you their dead brother came and sat on their couch and most people are okay with that.  At least the people I know don’t bat an eye if you say that.   But tell them you are investigating ghosts and they look at you like you are crazy.  It is the same thing, I just  find the ones I don’t know.  That is the only difference.  
Ghost hunting has been around for hundreds of years.  In the early 1900’s the spiritualist movement swept the country and really it hasn’t stopped,  It has just been hush, hush.
Everyone seems to have a paranormal experience they want to share with me.  Some day I’ll put them all in a book and publish it.

Hauntings don’t stop just because halloween does, so we continue the Tours through December.
Monday through Thursday tickets are discounted a family of 5 can come on the 6 pm tour for $50.
Weekends we have 7 pm and 9  pm tours.  
Thanksgiving weekend is a great time  to go.  You have all your family here and after the food and the football games if you are not into Black Friday, you can bring your family for a haunted history tour.  Learn a little history of Ogden as well its ghosts.
In December the tours are lead by Mrs. Santa Claus. They will be nightly.
A tour of 10 or more is only $10 a ticket if paid for a week in advance and all together.
The tours are fun and they are a way to experience the paranormal in a safe environment.

If you really want to get up close and personal with the spirits go on a ghost hunt or paranormal investigation (same thing).
I have a few coming up.  They are listed on my web site www.hauntedogden.com
We are planning to do a haunted hotel, Union Station and other locations down 25th street.  I would like to do a fundraiser investigation at the Brigham Train station. Where anyone can come if they donate to the Brigham station and bring a can of food.  I just haven’t set it all up yet.
But if you watch my website I’ll post that when it is all arranged.

I have pictures and video’s on my web site as well.   You can text 801-989-3839 for information but going to the website should answer all your questions.

I've noticed most theaters are haunted.  My husband and I took our grandchildren to a local live theater to see a musical.  During the production I felt my husband's arm around my shoulder,  I turned my head to smile at him and both his arms were by his side, hands in his lap.  I turned my head toward my grandchildren and their arms were by their sides.  They were involved in the production, so it wasn't them.   The row behind us was empty, all the rows behind where we were sitting were empty.

We were doing an investigation at a different theater. A member of the paranormal group and I were going up the steps behind the stage.  I noticed a light was on, I turned it off and said “I need to turn this light off or I will get into trouble.”  my audio recorder was in my hand recording everything.  When I listened to it a few days later I heard me “I need to turn this light  off or I will get into trouble.”  then I heard another voice saying “you are in trouble.” My daughter listened to it and she thought it said “You aren't in trouble.”  That was what she told me.  Come to find out she also thought it said “You are in trouble.” But she didn't want me to freak out.
At this same theatre  a film student asked if she could come in to the theater to do an  assignment.  She was suppose to pick a topic and film a mock documentary about it.
She choose the topic “Ghosts”.  She had her parents and a sibling there and gave each of them a specific role to play.  The skeptic, the believer and a person that was a medium.
As we walked in a director was there painting his set.  He said “I don't know about all this ghost stuff but it feels really creepy in here tonight.”
   We went through the building, no one else was there. The director had left while we were in another part of the building.  We were finished up  in a room off the lobby to film the mock interviews.  There was a lull in the conversation and we heard little footsteps running around up above us.   We all came into the lobby and just listened.
Little footsteps were running around up in the costume room directly above us. The door to the costume room was locked and I didn’t have a key.
The costume Mistress said that sometimes she would open the costume room and shoes and hats were all over the place.  
She would put everything in it’s place and the next day when she unlocked the door the hats and shoes were all over again.
I think the director was creeped out that night because they wouldn’t let us investigate there any more.

A few years later I went back to audition for a musical.  I sat up in the dark theatre seats waiting for my turn. The lobby lights were bright enough I didn’t need to turn on the lights in the theatre. As I was waiting the house lights in the theatre came on.  No one was in the light booth. There was only one light switch that I knew of that turned the house lights on and off, it was under the stage about 10 feet in front of me and no one had come into the theatre.
I got up and turned off the lights and returned to my seat.   A few minutes later the lights turned on again.  I thought that was really weird, I turned them off again. This happened two more times before they called me in for my audition.  
I was going down the few stairs to the lobby and the lights in the lobby turned off.  The lobby was full of teenage girls and parents who were startled.  One young lady looked at the man standing by the wall and she asked him if he turned off the light.  He shook his head and looked around for the light switch.  He wasn’t even near it.   Another young lady got up and turned the light back on and said “oh don’t worry about it it was just the theatre ghost. “
I just smiled.

I have had a ghost in my house off and on.  I feel like it is a male and my daughter said she had caught a glimpse of him.  He comes into my bedroom and sits on the bed.  I’m always facing the opposite direction.  I think it is my husband so I roll over and no one is there.  A sensitive friend of mine said it was my husband from a previous life.  Another time I was searching for my keys. I had looked every where and I was getting really frustrated.  I decided to look every where again, for the fourth time.  I started with my purse, I had already looked all the way through several times.
This time the keys were sitting right on top of everything else in my purse.  They couldn’t possibly have been there before.  My grandson swore he didn’t touch them.  I’m okay with a ghost in my house as long as that is all that he does.
Hope you enjoy Haunted Ogden.

Our Newest tour guide is Jannica Starr.
Jannica is an amazing traveler.  She has been in the tunnels under Paris, in the church of bones in the Czech Republic and walked the beaches of Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.
She recently moved to Utah from Amsterdam, before that she lived just outside of Atlanta where "The Walking Dead" is filmed.

When she goes shopping she always asks if that store has paranormal activity.

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