Family Friendly Haunted History

 leaves out the Madams and Prostitutes  
and gruesome details about 25th street history. 

We include some Ogden trivia, things you probably didn't know about Ogden And Utah like. . . . 

Where and when was the first Christmas celebration in Utah?

Where was the first white settlement in Utah?

What country did the territory of Utah belong to when Ogden was first settled?

What year was Union Station built?

What building is this?

Do you know who this woman is?

Who was rumored to have played cards in the club?

What does 25th street have to do with Las Vegas NV? 

This fun Family Friendly tour takes you from historical building to historical building.
Union Station, The Club, Helena Hotel, London's Ice Cream Parlor, 

We learn the history and the hauntings
then we move on to another location.
Tickets are $30 buy one get one free.

join the Haunted Ogden Event group.

$40 for a family of 4. 2 adults and 2 children
$50 for a family of 5. 2 adults and 3 children  

Immediate family only. No discounts on family group rate.
Use the drop down menu for family discounts


Saturday April 30     5:00 pm

Monday May 2nd     5:00 pm

Tuesday May 10th    5:00 pm  Special Tour

Golden spike day     Transcontinental Railroad history of 25th street and how it changed Ogden for ever.

Saturday May 14th  5:00 pm

Monday May 16th   5:00 pm
Saturday May 21st  5:00 pm

Monday May 23rd   5:00 pm
Saturday May 28th  5:00 pm

Monday May 30th   5:00 pm  A Special Tour

A look at 25th street during war time.

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