Haunted Hotel

undisclosed Hotel Investigations, Sometimes the places we investigate don't want People to know they are haunted.

1st investigation:

We met at the Bar at this hotel, The Manager talked to me.  He said his first night closing he made sure all the bar stool were facing the bar.  The tables and chairs were right where they were suppose to be.
The next day when he came to open all the bar stools were facing different directions.

We sat in the hotel lobby waiting for every one to arrive. We talked a bit about the history of the hotel and the stories on the internet which are not true.
I mentioned the BLOG The Dead History  written by a girl named Jenn, who I have never met.  She believes in finding the actually history of locations instead of going by rumors.
Her research includes Ogden Pest Houses click here
This is her research on the Ben Lomond Hotel  click here
She also has a great article about Flo in the Ogden cemetery click here
and Union Station click here

Unfortunately some of the guests had purchased the tickets not knowing what it was.  The were expecting a tour not a ghost hunt.  We did a bit of a tour, There was a wedding in the ball room so we were not able to see that and most of the doors leading to other parts of the hotel were locked.
The staff of the hotel kept telling us "This hotel is not haunted"

Our room was on the 2nd floor a two bedroom apartment basically, Nice room.
The rumored most haunted room is the Honeymoon suite up on the 11th floor.  It wasn't available for us that night.  We divided the group up and took half up to the 11th floor.  They were able to see the view room restaurant up there.
They hung out in the hallway for a while,
  I took the other group up to the 11th floor hallway,  I did some EVP with my phone I caught this (I'll post it as soon)

We ended the investigation back in the room Where my beaded lanyard broke.  It was hanging freely around my neck, I didn't feel a tug or anything but the beads just started falling on the floor.
Was it paranormal?   Not Sure.  But it was weird.

After every one left I slept soundly in a nice comfy bed.

Second investigation
In the room with the big bathtub.  Suppose to be the most haunted room in the location.
I have heard many people say that they were choked or pushed or felt threatened in this room.
We had a good group but too many people for the space.  Some of the guests became giggly and any evidence we may have caught was compromised by the guests.  Which happens some times.
Some of the guests did get some activity in the bedroom.

The Third investigation

We had experienced ghost hunters this time.  We spent time in the hall and in the room.  The room was very active, both the sitting room and the bedroom.  There were some awesome pictures taken with what looks like neon lights wrapped around people.
My camera was recording but I went to play it back and it wouldn't play.  Some of the pictures I took weren't there either.
It looked like some one was moving my camera back and forth.  It was sitting on the coffee table pointed toward the window of the hallway.  Like I said we watched it being recorded but it wouldn't playback.

At one point one of the guest was pushed out of the bedroom, she actually fell on another guest.
We sat in the bedroom which seemed to be active.  The curtain was moving and I couldn't find a vent near by that would make the curtain move.
As soon as I get some of the pictures the others took I will post them.

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